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Shortly after the Institute was built its welfare was placed into the hands of a group of Trustees.   The first trustees appointed on 26 January 1898 were:
  • Henry John Gepp (Vicar of St Mary's Church) - ex officio (ie. appointed by virtue of his office and status).
  • James Walker Larnach (owner of Adderbury House) - appointed by the owner or owners of Adderbury House.
  • Hugh William Stilgoe (who's descendent currently own Adderbury Grounds Farm) - appointed by Adderbury East Parish Council.
  • Samuel Choyce (village carpenter) - appointed by Adderbury West Parish Council.
  • James Smith (no occupation) - appointed by the Church Wardens.

You can learn more about the history of Adderbury Institute here.

The deed states that if any of these persons ceases to be a trustee a new trustee shall be appointed in writing by the body/person as indicated above.   Any change to the deed rules must be approved by four out of the five Trustees.

Currently the following people take on the role of Trustees and custodians of Adderbury Institute.

Rev Liz Simpson Vicar of Adderbury
David Griffiths appointed by Parish Council
Ann Lyons appointed by Parish Council
Phil Rippon appointed by the Church Wardens
vacant appointed by the owner of Adderbury House

The on-going management of Adderbury Institute is in the hands of a Management Committee.   The Management Committee for 2021-22 is made up as follows:

Stuart Phipps Chairman
Chris Roberts Treasurer
Diane Danton Secretary
Andy Green Committee Member  
Joel Greenberg Committee Member
Rachel Meyrick Committee Member  
Rachel Moffat Committee Member  
Lisa Smith Committee Member  

The Committee were appointed at the 2021 Annual General Meeting and officers elected by the Committee at the first meeting of the new Committee.

The Management Committee are supported through the services of a Hall Manager.   This role is held by Petra Lakin -

Adderbury Parish Institute is a registered charity: number 277716

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